How to: Install Ada compiler and edit Ada file in Ubuntu Linux

Ada programming language is one that I like the most. I now am struggling to learn this amazing language. Someone say that the first programming language your learn will affect so much on the future of how you learn another language. Yeah, that’s true. My first programming language is Visual Basic 6.0. And, every time I study new language, then I try to compare both the language: VB and the language I am learning.

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How to fix “Unhandled Error Lockdown” in Ubuntu while attempting to mount an iOS5 device

I am having to try ubuntu now for at least 2 weeks. Since that day, Linux has been replace windows and mac for me. But, I can’t mount my iPhone 4 device on Ubuntu. I already try it for several times, but Ubuntu always show a dialog “Unhandled Error Lockdown” that frustrates me.

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