What women want men to do (In Java)

Woman is far more complex than man. They both are not only different in gender. They both are different in everything. Phiuwwww~ Imagine. I got a sister rite. She said to me that “Wah… that pinky blanket is good”. I never know, or never turn into thinking (up until before I write this) that what she actually really want to say is “Wah… I want that pinky blanket in my pinky bed”. Phiuw~

That’s only a sister.

How about girlfriend?

Uh oh.. like another programmer, girlfriend is… hahahaha 0.0 my God, I also want to have girlfriend lah. #foreverAlone

Okay okay, shut the fk up. Get the fk out. Now let’s continue with what I mean. Please read the code snippet bellow:

what girl want

Hahaha. You see. When woman said “I want blablabla”. Actually, she already did a technique like encryption but not really an encryption. It just a biased technique to make it ‘more deeper’ in meaning in that way if man knows what she really wants, then she will appreciate it highly, otherwise, whatever you did or are doing, is nothing for her.

Wowwww…. (?)

But wait. Can men really uncover or unbiassed the technique the girl was employed? Hmb… nothing can asure for that even assurance company won’t assure you.

Now let’s run the entire program. You will got:

I know that is crazy. But. That is true also. This is how their brain is working. All the time.


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