Really. I just want coding!

Man. Please listen to my voice. In this life, in my university day, maybe I am too stupid or what but I didn’t care. I get 92 out of 100 for Java Programming 1. Haha… it is still ‘1’ rite, not yet Java Programming 2 or Java Web Programming. But men, please listen.

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Understanding Java Polymorphism: The Easiest Way

Classmate of mine–is not actually a classmate, but can be said classmate because at that time I enter the class that not belong to my (even though the same Java class) and one of them did–said: “This class should not be called Java 2, should be Java 10, or Java 100”. All laugh.

Yeah, no one can deny that the logic in polymorphism was not easy at the first time. Even the most advanced programmer had time to imagine what the hell was that. Come’on, don’t said you understand Pythagoras, Algebra, chemical equilibrium since you were 5th grader. Gosh!

Okay okay. Then how we can learn it the easiest way?

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