Really. I just want coding!

Man. Please listen to my voice. In this life, in my university day, maybe I am too stupid or what but I didn’t care. I get 92 out of 100 for Java Programming 1. Haha… it is still ‘1’ rite, not yet Java Programming 2 or Java Web Programming. But men, please listen.

I don’t really know how to say to who. But I am okay with all of this. So far so good. The computer organization and architecture, the object oriented modelling. I mean, yes, that’s all is a good courses in which I know more, I learn more. I become know what is closed layer architecture, what is open layer architecture, what is RISC, what is instruction set, what is 7 OSI architecture layers but I do wan’t to testify that I feel up until now that I am not have enough courage to learn more about that.

I don’t mean that I don’t want to study. But as long as I am trying to feel okay with that that I feel I not need to know, my mind is always missing ‘coding’. Hay, I doesn’t want to be a computer scientist, creating UNIX version, or creating a whole new programming language that may be all people will happy with. I am, as being of my self, is want to build and develop something useful in terms of how human can get help from computers.

How are things like RISC, MOVE, NOT, ADD, going to help me? I mean, that’s is a very fundamental processor instruction. I do good at boolean logic, but I just feel no need to know about that… being said: I DO WANT to ABSTRACT them. I need to abstract them. I am not computer scientist and am not going to be a computer scientist.

Writing something like this today, Kuala Lumpur, 7.39, in my head is just a: coding.



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