Simple Linked List implementation in Java

Have you ever wondered what is Linked List? Linked List is a dynamic abstract data type comprised of node(s). By meaning of dynamic, the size of Linked List can grow and shrink. There are many types of Linked List, however, the most simple one is Singly Linked List. One you mastered how to create singly linked list, the other type of linked list (doubly linked list and circular linked list) is just a matter of expansion.

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This semester, is crazy.

  1. This semester is crazy. I take four subjects, in short semester. Usually, head of department won’t approve student taking even 3 subjects in short semester.
  2. I am not in rush. What I want is to not waste my time. I hate study. But the best way to hate study is to study. Hate study and no study means you will study forever of your life. But if you love study, you will still study the whole of your life, which is good… who don’t want to be a smart guy here?
  3. I realize somehow, money is not everything. But, without money life is harder. Money is just a tool.
  4. I plan to finish this study as fast as I can, and then I decide to join a business certification. I want to open my own start-up business.
  5. I know this is hard, my room mate is about to move.
  6. This is hard as well, I can not be sure with what happens with the Great Forest.
  7. Moreover, I got a killer lecturer. Very very killer lecturer.
  8. Okay, I need to prepare. I have to go to Batu 3 for a business occasion hahaha 🙂