The warden was so angry

  1. The warden was so angry.
  2. There are things left unattended in table in front of the warden’s office. That are gadget like translator device, phone and any other 2 gadgets. Those items are 4 gadgets.
  3. It turns out that it was Iranian’s belonging.
  4. The warden was so angry because he is about to perform pray.
  5. I passed by and asking “What happens? You want to perform pray?”
  6. The warden said he is. Then we moved the gadgets into the room.
  7. I go down, I was actually want to buy something to eat. In Richese, in particular.
  8. I turn left to the library, choose the path that lead me go through the Block A’s ground floor.
  9. Found an Iranian girl. I have had a feeling it was she leave the gadgets unattended.
  10. I speak.
  11. I said “We did move your belonging to the warden’s room there if you want to see your items again. But please next time don’t leave it that way.”
  12. She was actually nice. Listen carefully and did answer like “Thank you. Thank you so much”.
  13. As fast as she can she go back to the Hostel.
  14. The warden should no need to angry. The girls should also know the responsibilities of her own that it is her belonging for her to keep it safe. Not anybody else job.

Absurd Dialog Today

  1. So I was working in SAO (Student Affairs Office)
  2. This month work is to develop a system where the staff can enter a data about poll done by alumni.
  3. The system then will generate a report bla bla bla automatically. You know, this is not a software documentation so I would left any minutiae. Just program, that’s all.
  4. Then come a girl “Whooaaah…”
  5. I dunno who is that girl. Of course, she is a woman. A married one.
  6. My supervisor then said “Don’t disturb my boy”.
  7. That woman replied “Oh, so this is the boy who help you developed the system?”
  8. My supervisor didn’t say anything.
  9. “Adam, next term you move to my uni(versity) aaa..” With chinistic-English she said.
  10. My supervisor didn’t say anything but face like “Um… Adam, you shouldn’t listen to her”
  11. “Next term a, I wait you in my uni” She said again.
  12. I just laughing.
  13. Made my day after the networking final exam.
  14. I still have 6 technical SWA hours more.
  15. I believe networking can get A+ (40% sure) or A (60% sure).

A way to A+ this semester

  1. Okay, now is the already in the week 6 of the short semester. Year 2.
  2. Next week, is week 7, will be the end of the week before starting the final examination which is on the week 8.
  3. So so so so so so tired. I must admit that. I will never ever ever take 4 subjects again in the short semester (except otherwise stated, haha).
  4. I miss March semester, the most-laugh month of the year of 2012.
  5. Okay. Here is my benchmark.
  6. I got 48/50 for the Data Structure Class, only need to wait the 2nd midterm to be over 60. Good enough, can easily got A+ at the end of semester. Amin.
  7. I got 15.44 at the killer-lecturer-led Introduction to HCI. Today at 2PM I will meet him to ask about the mark and where did I get wrong so that in the second assignment which is due on the following week, will get higher mark. I need to at least internal mark of 50 then I must get 36 from final exam to have this actually-easy-but-the-lecturer-was-so-strict subject can score A+ as well. Aiyooo… at least A lah, don’t want to score B or B+
  8. I got 12/15 on the Networking, this week will get another midterm for it. I strive so that I can have A+ as well. Actually not so hard, got assignment, a group project, estimated can finished within this week timeframe.
  9. For Software Project Management, I am not sure about my mark. The lecturer not yet disclosed it. However, I feel I can get A+ from here. My group project performs very well, and my midterm I believe I did well as well.
  10. Well, well well and well, I hope this semester will get at least GPA 3.8 or 3.9, last semester 3.95. I am not stop dreaming of the semester when I can get a round 4.0. I hope I can get a round 4.0. Amin.
  11. Okay. I am going to SAO now for reporting. Just now finished breakfast (? branch=breakfast+lunch) after attending a talk about positive living. Yeah!

Find the nth element from the end of the node in LinkedList

Supposed that there is a linked list with this content:

  • 5: Rafsan Adam
  • 4: Andre
  • 3: Cindy Patricia
  • 2: Stephen D. Burd
  • 1: Nyoman D. Nata
  • 0: Freddy Aries

When I enter ‘3’ it will return the 3rd element from the end of the list, counted from 0, it returns “Cindy Patricia” which key itself is 3. The thing is, we can’t use key to determine the position as the key may not be integer.

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Removing Duplicate Node From A Linked List

This is actually a question from At first, I thought this question is easy, but later it seems it is harder than what I think. Sometimes, when you think something is easy, it is not that really easy, especially talking in computer programming languages: a world that is not real.

So. I already try to solve this last night, but I can’t. However, it seems that my energy is not wasted. After breaking for a while from ‘memorizing’ (I hate it) for software project management, I try to do the question again and I solved it!

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Psy and SNSD

  1. Psy video Gangnam Style is korean humor for people live in Gangnam district.
  2. Psy, is from Gangnam itself, so he is raised from a rich family by right.
  3. Why Gangnam can take in number 1 chart in US and 2 in UK? (source: Canadian CBC News) is because the quality, it is not because he is Korean.
  4. The idea is that, language is not number one in music.
  5. SNSD Bring The Boys Out has been translated in English, but not much English native speakers has listen to it.
  6. Oppa Gangnam Style, is in Korean, but many people live in the US has enjoyed it many many times.
  7. Oppa Gangnam Style means “I am Gangnam style” or strictly “The older brother which in this context refers to me is Gangnam style”. It is a fun song with a fun dance, everybody from every background would like to do Gangnam style.
  8. Will Psy will open the door for other Korean artist? who knows?