Made-My-Day Pictures (best collection part 1)

This is just a diary. Haha. You know, programmer need this kind of thing for brain-refresh. So maybe I will visit this page whenever I feel tired, or need a little bit of laugh 🙂

I like this photo. This was taken during the 2nd mooncake festival (mid-autumn festival) in nearby northwing campus. Basically I wouldn’t join because it was in northwing, but Iqbal comforting me. Then I go join. I thank he for then If I wouldn’t join I will not have this picture of memory 🙂

This also I like

Look, me so happy isn’t it? From sequence, left to right: Iqbal, Adam (me), Ahau. Actually, it is the second time I took picture with Ahau. In the first mooncake, Ahau, Anggrela, Cindy, was taking picture (or more precisely, in one group) with me. We are the first to set the balloon fly (I know actually it is not balloon).

I like that photo also. It was taken just before the graduation of my high school. My high school was full of happy memory. Haha. Oh, sad also. Haha. Nevertheless, all the memory contribute to all of my smile. See, me looks more handsome in that style, lol.

It is freddy. He should breast feeding those guy in picture. Lol. Anyway, during the first part of high school is really full of amazing journey. It is just one of the amazing journey I did.

Haha. It was one of pain-in-the-ass picture. What the hell did they do to me. Ahaha. I was just so tired from the full of shit LDKS. I hate LDKS. I hate the committee. I hate all those.

Is that all? No. No. There are plenty of crazy picture, of memory, of joy, of fun. But, let that be in the other part. Haha. Happy monday 🙂


Di Yi Shi Jian (First Thing)

Lei le bu yao jian wai (if you’re tired, don’t be a stranger)
Ba wo wa qi lai (Drag me up)
Tu ge tong kuai (get it out to your heart’s content)
Kan bu guan peng you you nan (can’t take seeing friends in trouble)
Shui hai leng leng de wei guan (who’s going to stand around coldly and watch?)
Wo de shou xin wei ni wo qi lai (I make a fist for you)

Xu bei ka fei de wen nuan (the warmth of coffee refills)
Yi zhi nuan dao ni xiang kai ( warm until you’ve let go of what’s bothering you)
Ni xin qing de ken dong rang wo lai tian mang ( let me fill the void in your mood)
Zuo tian hui bu jin tian ming tian lai qu dai (yesterday will be replaced by today and tomorrow)
Dong xin de gan qing bu hui tao tai (passion will never go out of fashion)
Guan xin chang zai (caring will always be there)

Jiu suan ni wo zai re nao xuan hua zhong zhou shang (even if you and I lose each other in the crowd and the noise)
You qing hui di yi shi jian gan lai (friendship will rush over first thing)
Rang tiao ruan de xin pin tang xia lai (let the overanxious heart lie down flat)
Cong xing de hu xi jian dang (breathe easy all over again)
Shen shen de man man de ( deeply, fully)
Peng you zhi yao ni bei gu dang ya de jiao bu chu lai (friend, if you are so depressed by loneliness that you can’t call out)
Wo di yi shi jian song chu guan huai (I will send out my caring first thing)
Re re de yan shen pei ni kan kai (my blazing eyes will help you see that it’s ok)
Zhao hui na pian da zhi rang (and rediscover that piece of nature)
Wei zhe ni bao jin ni xiang xin ni (surrounding you, holding you tight, believing in you)

Wo que ding (I’am sure)

I write this during a Intro to HCI class. Don’t worry, the class is over already.


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