A life without boring

We always be bored. But I think I sure what make us bored.

  1. Life is not just life. In life, we have to think how to make our life fruitful. To make it fruitful, it must be made of a life full of quality that is meaningful and purposeful. To search purpose, we have to study. To search meaning, we have to study. We will never stop study, but study will never be the same as simply as entering a university degree.
  2. Some people find life is boring. Those kind of people usually attracted with chemicals (smoking?), free-sex, or any other ‘games’. That is only a way to escape the life that is boring, but that will never increase the quality of life we are having.
  3. Goal can make life less boring. Once we set up a goal, and we achieve it, we will be bored again. But, for people that already frequent in phase of goal-achieve-bored, they will return to goal-achieve-bored again. Means that, they will increase the study, they will increase their quality of life, for their own good. We will never be bored. We will question every day. And busy to search the answer.
  4. Because “Allah got Ocean of Knowledge in which human’s knowledge is only a drop of it”.

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