Is getting A or A+ that important?

  1. I really dislike somebody overly proud getting A or A+
  2. Today I meet somebody who really really proud of getting A.
  3. Do you know how ‘the particular’ get the mark?
  4. It is from ‘the particular’ buddy joining the same courses in the previous semester.
  5. The buddy share the buddy assignment, and all those things in particular.
  6. That’s how he get A+.
  7. That’s how he proud.
  8. That’s how I feel pity about ‘the particular’.
  9. Do I envy? Not at all. I rather to be proud for getting B and all is my work.
  10. After all, you pay the tuition, why bother not listening the lecturer?
  11. I know getting A is important, it is so important. However, it is no point to be (overly) proud of getting A by doing the wrong thing. That’s lame, you know, that’s lame.
  12. One of other friend of mine, asked me “What mark the lecturer give you at the XYZ courses?”. A+
  13. He said “Oh. Me too, A+. It is easy”.
  14. It is okay. It is my preference of not proud on anything standard.
  15. This planet.

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