My Second Draft Final Examination Time Table and Its Strategy

  1. Already see the 2nd draft final exam time table. Usually if it is in the 2nd draft, it will be the final draft.
  2. I have 23 scholarship work assignment hours left.
  3. The first examination will be Data Structure and Algorithm on 22nd October at 10.00 in DetSar. Supposed to have no problem with data structure even though if the lecturer said all the question will be coding, no theory. She happy with that. Me too, since I have no problem, I think, with data structure and algorithm.
  4. The second examination will be Networking on 24th at 10.00 in DetSar. No really have problem with Networking, but not much like it. Trying to like it, so that I not trapped to only doing what I like.
  5. I am very tired right now, even in this very morning. There are 3 assignments in queue. The Networking assignment due on Week 6. The IntroToHCI assignment due on Week 7. And the SPM assignment, due this week.
  6. The third examination will be Introduction to Human Computer Interaction on 29th. Not a big deal. All theory and it is all about human psychology. I enjoy the subject, it helps me understand the potential user of an application. And the lecturer was just fine (some said he is strict, which is good).
  7. The fourth examination will be Software Project Management on 30th. All theory about managing the project. The project manager is a current trend today. But not really like working as project management without much coding experience. I think this field can be learned by nature, no need a specific subject, which is waste of money. All is theory that actually can be converted into practical easily when we work not when we study.
  8. I am soooo tired. But I will fight to get all those 4 an A(+). Will not getting any lower than previous semester, I promise. I will not rest if that means I will get A(+).
  9. I will never take 4 subjects again in short semester. It was a crazy journey, so crazy. Full of tension, and almost impossible to reach. Believe me. Take care if you take 4.
  10. 23 SWA. 3 Assignments. 5 Final Examinations. ECAs. To name a few.
  11. Let’s see Adam, what is your result. See you there in January. Bye bye.

2 thoughts on “My Second Draft Final Examination Time Table and Its Strategy

  1. during short sem, you learn very much thing of managing time and how to select a time that precious to not be left waste. even in waiting for explaining code like this (in class), i am actually remembering ALL THE THEORY of project management. sjgr.

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