A way to A+ this semester

  1. Okay, now is the already in the week 6 of the short semester. Year 2.
  2. Next week, is week 7, will be the end of the week before starting the final examination which is on the week 8.
  3. So so so so so so tired. I must admit that. I will never ever ever take 4 subjects again in the short semester (except otherwise stated, haha).
  4. I miss March semester, the most-laugh month of the year of 2012.
  5. Okay. Here is my benchmark.
  6. I got 48/50 for the Data Structure Class, only need to wait the 2nd midterm to be over 60. Good enough, can easily got A+ at the end of semester. Amin.
  7. I got 15.44 at the killer-lecturer-led Introduction to HCI. Today at 2PM I will meet him to ask about the mark and where did I get wrong so that in the second assignment which is due on the following week, will get higher mark. I need to at least internal mark of 50 then I must get 36 from final exam to have this actually-easy-but-the-lecturer-was-so-strict subject can score A+ as well. Aiyooo… at least A lah, don’t want to score B or B+
  8. I got 12/15 on the Networking, this week will get another midterm for it. I strive so that I can have A+ as well. Actually not so hard, got assignment, a group project, estimated can finished within this week timeframe.
  9. For Software Project Management, I am not sure about my mark. The lecturer not yet disclosed it. However, I feel I can get A+ from here. My group project performs very well, and my midterm I believe I did well as well.
  10. Well, well well and well, I hope this semester will get at least GPA 3.8 or 3.9, last semester 3.95. I am not stop dreaming of the semester when I can get a round 4.0. I hope I can get a round 4.0. Amin.
  11. Okay. I am going to SAO now for reporting. Just now finished breakfast (? branch=breakfast+lunch) after attending a talk about positive living. Yeah!

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