Absurd Dialog Today

  1. So I was working in SAO (Student Affairs Office)
  2. This month work is to develop a system where the staff can enter a data about poll done by alumni.
  3. The system then will generate a report bla bla bla automatically. You know, this is not a software documentation so I would left any minutiae. Just program, that’s all.
  4. Then come a girl “Whooaaah…”
  5. I dunno who is that girl. Of course, she is a woman. A married one.
  6. My supervisor then said “Don’t disturb my boy”.
  7. That woman replied “Oh, so this is the boy who help you developed the system?”
  8. My supervisor didn’t say anything.
  9. “Adam, next term you move to my uni(versity) aaa..” With chinistic-English she said.
  10. My supervisor didn’t say anything but face like “Um… Adam, you shouldn’t listen to her”
  11. “Next term a, I wait you in my uni” She said again.
  12. I just laughing.
  13. Made my day after the networking final exam.
  14. I still have 6 technical SWA hours more.
  15. I believe networking can get A+ (40% sure) or A (60% sure).

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