The warden was so angry

  1. The warden was so angry.
  2. There are things left unattended in table in front of the warden’s office. That are gadget like translator device, phone and any other 2 gadgets. Those items are 4 gadgets.
  3. It turns out that it was Iranian’s belonging.
  4. The warden was so angry because he is about to perform pray.
  5. I passed by and asking “What happens? You want to perform pray?”
  6. The warden said he is. Then we moved the gadgets into the room.
  7. I go down, I was actually want to buy something to eat. In Richese, in particular.
  8. I turn left to the library, choose the path that lead me go through the Block A’s ground floor.
  9. Found an Iranian girl. I have had a feeling it was she leave the gadgets unattended.
  10. I speak.
  11. I said “We did move your belonging to the warden’s room there if you want to see your items again. But please next time don’t leave it that way.”
  12. She was actually nice. Listen carefully and did answer like “Thank you. Thank you so much”.
  13. As fast as she can she go back to the Hostel.
  14. The warden should no need to angry. The girls should also know the responsibilities of her own that it is her belonging for her to keep it safe. Not anybody else job.

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