Knowledge Management

This is from my supervisor, Davis Tan.

So, today I came to work. Today only work from 10-12 because actually we were not working, we were doing chit chat. It starts with us (the new comers) to explain our background, hence my time comes and I explain several info but not all about me. Everyone actually did introduce themselves. Today is my first laugh in this company. Then it comes for session for knowledge-sharing.

The knowledge-sharing session was great, we were exchanging information. So, my boss, which is my supervisor, giving a sharing about Knowledge Management. He said that “it is not knowledge management that is applied to a company, but rather, it applied to you as individual”.

So, what is knowledge management?

Knowledge management is a barometer. Explaining on how far you should study. The knowledge management method is to not let you become paralyzed, analysis-paralysis, or something like that.

So, at the both end, there is “Insufficient knowledge” and “Knowledge overload”. Insufficient knowledge is for those in which knowledge is very limited up to inept. Being inept is not always bad or not always good. It can be used for us to be specific to what knowledge we should take care of. For example, I am inept on plan machine so it would not be wise for me to fly a plane one. This is a good kind of insufficient knowledge, and it, as I did said, can be used to what we should focus on.

The other end is knowledge overload, a term where is always–at least in the point of view of me and my supervisor–bad. It is like you have known everything and it makes you yourself confused of you yourself. My supervisor did give example like when you order in a restaurant, you see the menu. However, the menu list some 200 food from Europe to Asia to Africa. Given 2 hours, we still likely to not be able to determine which to choose.

The best is in the middle, where we are not less knowledgeable and not so knowledgeable about what interested us. Between the point in the middle and the insufficient, there is foolish doing. It is like when we know something just a little bit then said “I know it. I know it already. Like do this this this”. Though, I am not sure if it is always bad, IF IT IS ALWAYS BAD.

Foolish doing I think is not always bad, because we can do experiment and then gain another knowledge from it. Okay, a little example. When I first study about cryptography, it is full of mathematical theory and all the fairy tale that I can hardly understand. But, whenever I get understand a bit, if I progress a bit, then I take it into practice, I get the feel of what this theory means. Seriously, cryptography is a theory where mathematics applied, totally in-life and in-dead of it. Then, when you got it, you not try to apply it, try to rest for at least 5 minutes, you forget already.

However, this is it. Using this, we can measure both when and where to stop and to continue.


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