Vs Supervisor

  1. 18.31, left me, my supervisor, and other guy.
  2. I came to my supervisor room.
  3. “Mr. Davis, Can I ask you something?”, he said “Sure”.
  4. So I explaining about my curiosity about the application.
  5. “Why did the Website need a CGI connection to the main executable application?”
  6. It reveals that there are 2 databases: ProLine database and ProTracker databases, a two, a two separated databases.
  7. That’s one of the answer I learn.
  8. I ask again “How come a VB6 application return a string”. I know if the application is made from VB6, I mean, obviously.
  9. “Oh. Not only VB, C++ also can return a String”, said my supervisor.
  10. I smell something strange here like something is hidden.
  11. “If C++ I know, because we can specify the return type of a main() method. But how about VB6?”
  12. He said: “Oh… it needs an advanced technique”.
  13. Finish. Discussion stop.

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