Only two of my friends did know my birthday, I guess: Citra and Hansen. Wait, let me remember the very firsssttt time I celebrate birthday: no history recorded. No single photo about birthday. No clown. No present. Nobody know nobody care, even me never care about my own birthday. Actually… there is a reason for this of why we don’t celebrate birthday, just say “Selamat Ulangtahun” and that’s it. Never invited any guests to come, any clown to entertain, or any cake to share.

It’s the first birthday that out of nowhere got celebrated for the first time when I was in the 3rd grade. If I recall, that’s because (I Believe) my friend told me about my birthdate, which I hypothesized (I truly didn’t know how they know). So, they are Lafio, Undrak, Bagas, Pipit, Ayuk, and all the gangs. What they did is… I have my eyes closed for no reason, and I never come into thinking that they will celebrate mine because I NEVER CELEBRATE IT BEFORE. All my uniform are full of cake, and oil. I.. hahaha, angry at them trying to tell my teacher that I was abused.

That’s long time ago.

Even at SMA (secondary school), no body are celebrating my birthday. In my SMA, whoever get birthday celebrated, are -thrown- into the school fountain. I never ever thrown there. Actually yes I did, but that is not because I celebrated my own birthday but because I -incidentally enough- are the second-highest rank for UNAS TryOut for the first time (after that I never try my best to score the best, again).

So come to uni, I confident enough nobody will ever know my birthday.

Then on one day, all of Indonesian folks went to a house for old folks. There we share stories and sing lot of songs. As I was approaching somebody, she asked me my birthday and I tell her mine. But I not yet realized that any will heard and then… this come Hansen singing in a self-made song about birthday, then I realize Hansen would know.

Now if I can said is something, that thing is: well… birthday for me is important, my heart said so; but there’s something you believe to nothing more important than that than seeing what birthday really mean. We are going to die, our life is shorter and shorter.

Though, everybody going to die isn’t it? no life being is mortal? why not make living a little bit fun? by celebrating birthday as for example? religion also not prohibited that isn’t it? now the logic is: if anybody going to die but the difference are they celebrated their birthday while me not, then…

Then I should say a lot of thank you to Hansen, Citra, Timmy, Rafsan, Ahau 😀 (for adham, always and always adham -__-), Darren, Freddy, Dewa Young, Buddy. Thanks. I really surprised.


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