Team Leader

  1. Tugas VB.NET
  2. Jadi Team Leader
  3. Pisahkan anggota ke dalam 4 main team.
  4. 1 team Database
  5. 1 team Reporting
  6. 1 team Plumbing
  7. 1 team GUI
  8. Aku sendiri tim Reporting.
  9. Lihat, dengan cara gini, kek mana aplikasi yang bisa dibuat
  10. Hahaha



I will be busy. I will really really be busy.

  1. This semester I would like to do part time. 500 for 2 days per week per month.
  2. This semester I have join the programming competition but all not yet ready.
  3. This semester have a project with Java, Hibernate, and PostgreSQL.
  4. This semester have a project with PHP, Symfony, and MySQL.
  5. I will equally busy. I enjoy.
  6. But I will really really be busy.
  7. But, I take 4 subjects only.
  8. You are not that busy, Adam.