Do you really love?

Sometimes I wonder:

  1. People married but fight
  2. People married, but when eating together one of them, just cannet get off the phone
  3. Bahasa Indo aje ye
  4. Orang menikah, jalan di kota, kenapa gak ada mesra-mesra(h?) nya
  5. Wait…
  6. Gue coba memosisikan diri kalau semisal sama dengan orang yang bener-bener gue suka
  7. Di restoran makan bareng, gilak hape bisa kulempar, well ga akan gue buka sama sekali. The moment.
  8. Ngunjungin kota, berwisata. Gue bakal nyerocos. Have fun. Talk about anything, the people, the building, some food.
  9. But well, love is not logical anyway
  10. It’s not a factor to determine whether relationship will last or not
  11. Friendship probably is
  12. But still, in such a position, I won’t waste my time to play with my phone, or silent as hell strolling cities, visiting museums, or stuffs.
  13. I think I know what kind of partner I’d like to be with.
  14. Of course, the introverted me want an extroverted friend for life!
  15. Well, I used to be extroverted tho, haha!
  16. Have fun!

Different trust algorithm


Fact is that, different person have different trust-marking algorithm. Ada yang begitu ketemu orang, dia kasih 100% trust if it worth it, terus berangsur-angsur self-adjusting. Ada juga yang pertama-tama, kasih trust score misal 10%, dan berangsur-angsur naik dari sana if deemed. Nope, trust is earned not given. Jadi kalau ada orang yang kasih 100% trust diawal, and you failed to meet the expectation of that trust score… then that’ll be bad enough. Tapi yaps… everyone has a different trust-marking algorithm.