Different trust algorithm


Fact is that, different person have different trust-marking algorithm. Ada yang begitu ketemu orang, dia kasih 100% trust if it worth it, terus berangsur-angsur self-adjusting. Ada juga yang pertama-tama, kasih trust score misal 10%, dan berangsur-angsur naik dari sana if deemed. Nope, trust is earned not given. Jadi kalau ada orang yang kasih 100% trust diawal, and you failed to meet the expectation of that trust score… then that’ll be bad enough. Tapi yaps… everyone has a different trust-marking algorithm.

Cherish the moment: united in diversity


Each and every team in Midtrans is unique. They each have their own charms, norms, and traditions. Almost nothing in common, just under the flag of the same company. You got to explore the its many faces of diversity. And I begin to understand that each of us is just as unique, and someone to miss when we no longer in the same team. So cherish the moments that you have. Just cherish it.

Gue orangnya fast-learning tapi kadang gak percaya diri

Setelah nge-open sekitar 8 merge request ke Gitlab. Tanpa dipandu, largely. Gue ngerasa gue orangnya fast-learn sih (promosi diri hahahaha).


Apa karena proyeknya gede?


Bikin gue penasaran, ini gimana kerjanya. Oh ini gini. Oh ini gitu. ABCDEF.

Yang jelas. Cuma 2 jam gue lihat kodenya. Struktur dasar. Dsb. Largely, dikit-dikit bisa submit merge request. Not bad. Sabtu kemarin malah, gue submit like 5 merge requests. Yah, gak susah sih yang gue lakuin honestly. Simple. Really really simple. Gak mau kayak terkesan: gila, 5, keren, gede-gede. Padahal gak. Simpel kok. Gitlab is really very well structured, very well documented. Jadinya gue gampang deh masuk terjun dan berkontribusi.

Tapi by the way. Banyak sebenrnya yang komen gue cepet belajar. Gue cepet faham. Lol. Cuma, kadang gue agak gak yakin apa itu bener. Apalagi kalau kayak tanya dikit terus as if, I cannot do it by myself. Mungkin, meski gue orangnya fast learn, kadang gue perlu bertanya. Dan kalau udah kayak gue ngerasa blo’on gitu hanya karena gua tanya doang, jadi lambat laun jadi less active lol. Hm… Itu sih yang gue pelajari dari diri gue sendiri.

The thing is… I basically quite a fast-learner. Gue bisa bikin library di Python cuma 5 hari belajar. Bikin library di Go cuma 1 minggu belajar. Not bad right?

Tapi ya itu tadi, sebagai orang yang memiliki sisi introvert, kadang malu bertanya. Dan sekalinya bertanya, terus ngarasa kayak dianggap blo’on… tuh sakit and membekas.

Knowledge Management

This is from my supervisor, Davis Tan.

So, today I came to work. Today only work from 10-12 because actually we were not working, we were doing chit chat. It starts with us (the new comers) to explain our background, hence my time comes and I explain several info but not all about me. Everyone actually did introduce themselves. Today is my first laugh in this company. Then it comes for session for knowledge-sharing.

The knowledge-sharing session was great, we were exchanging information. So, my boss, which is my supervisor, giving a sharing about Knowledge Management. He said that “it is not knowledge management that is applied to a company, but rather, it applied to you as individual”.

So, what is knowledge management? Continue reading

A life without boring

We always be bored. But I think I sure what make us bored.

  1. Life is not just life. In life, we have to think how to make our life fruitful. To make it fruitful, it must be made of a life full of quality that is meaningful and purposeful. To search purpose, we have to study. To search meaning, we have to study. We will never stop study, but study will never be the same as simply as entering a university degree.
  2. Some people find life is boring. Those kind of people usually attracted with chemicals (smoking?), free-sex, or any other ‘games’. That is only a way to escape the life that is boring, but that will never increase the quality of life we are having.
  3. Goal can make life less boring. Once we set up a goal, and we achieve it, we will be bored again. But, for people that already frequent in phase of goal-achieve-bored, they will return to goal-achieve-bored again. Means that, they will increase the study, they will increase their quality of life, for their own good. We will never be bored. We will question every day. And busy to search the answer.
  4. Because “Allah got Ocean of Knowledge in which human’s knowledge is only a drop of it”.