Pain-Point Driven Development


Sometimes we develop features that are not addressing a pain-point. But when a paint-point was addressed, “why it isn’t get prioritised over features that now are still barely used.” Think should have a new DD style: PPDD: Pain-Point Driven Development.


Java Complete Application for Singly Linked List

Today’s tutorial class, I got a question for the lecturer to implement a singly linked list into a complete, working example of Java command line program. The whole class get 2 hours for programming this, and I completely finished within the first one hour. In my opinion, this program is not so challenging, maybe a doubly linked list would make this program a bit more challenging.

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Implementation of Stack for Checking Incorrect Braces Used to Validate HTML Source Code in Java

HTML is a page-format language which is used to format how an internet browser should deliver a content to the user. HTML (and CSS) is not really a programming language. However, HTML is important here for illustration of how stack can be used to detect mismatch opening-closing braces.

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About Stack, a Computer Abstract Data Type (ADT).

Stack is one of computer abstract data type, that usually will be learn by programmer during data structures class. Stack is a very simple data structure. Stack is really a ‘stack’ in a real world. Imagine a stack of book, you put the book a, book b, and then book c. The most top in the stack is book c (which is the last inserted), and the most at the bottom is book a (which is the least inserted, the most-senior).

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