Scariest moment


The scariest moment is always just before you start


Vs Supervisor

  1. 18.31, left me, my supervisor, and other guy.
  2. I came to my supervisor room.
  3. “Mr. Davis, Can I ask you something?”, he said “Sure”.
  4. So I explaining about my curiosity about the application.
  5. “Why did the Website need a CGI connection to the main executable application?”
  6. It reveals that there are 2 databases: ProLine database and ProTracker databases, a two, a two separated databases.
  7. That’s one of the answer I learn.
  8. I ask again “How come a VB6 application return a string”. I know if the application is made from VB6, I mean, obviously.
  9. “Oh. Not only VB, C++ also can return a String”, said my supervisor.
  10. I smell something strange here like something is hidden.
  11. “If C++ I know, because we can specify the return type of a main() method. But how about VB6?”
  12. He said: “Oh… it needs an advanced technique”.
  13. Finish. Discussion stop.



Banyak banget ternyata yang harus aku pelajari. Ternyata oh ternyata, tidak hanya C#. Hari ini aku temukan hal tentang IIS, .NET Framework 4.5 dan kawan-kawannya. Aku juga barusan tahu ada sesuatu namanya Bootstrap. So scaffolding. So scaffolding! Hell… IT world expands so fast.

Psy and SNSD

  1. Psy video Gangnam Style is korean humor for people live in Gangnam district.
  2. Psy, is from Gangnam itself, so he is raised from a rich family by right.
  3. Why Gangnam can take in number 1 chart in US and 2 in UK? (source: Canadian CBC News) is because the quality, it is not because he is Korean.
  4. The idea is that, language is not number one in music.
  5. SNSD Bring The Boys Out has been translated in English, but not much English native speakers has listen to it.
  6. Oppa Gangnam Style, is in Korean, but many people live in the US has enjoyed it many many times.
  7. Oppa Gangnam Style means “I am Gangnam style” or strictly “The older brother which in this context refers to me is Gangnam style”. It is a fun song with a fun dance, everybody from every background would like to do Gangnam style.
  8. Will Psy will open the door for other Korean artist? who knows?